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At this time, we are seeking potential egg donors among healthy women from all walks of life. You must possess some form of higher education, above the high school level. Potential donors must be willing to complete a thorough screening process. International Egg Bank’s screening process evaluates general and reproductive health, genetic history and psychological stability. To be considered for Egg Donation, you must be:

  • Between ages 19-34
  • Non-smoker
  • No alcohol and/or drug abuse or addiction
  • Have knowledge of medical and genetic history of family members up to biological grandparents (even if applicant is adopted, they must know this information)
  • Healthy Body Mass Index
  • Be willing to administer medications by injection (the needles are tiny and hardly felt)
  • Willing to provide current and childhood photos

 Please do not leave any question blank.

Egg Donor Application

Egg Donor Application

The following information will be shown to potential recipients for their review. Do not put any identifying information on the following pages. If a couple chooses you as their donor, they will keep this information as a medical history base for their potential offspring. We appreciate your accuracy in filling out your donor application. Please include as much detail as possible when filling in your family medical history.