LIVE Birth Guarantee Programs

At International Egg Bank, we fully trust and stand behind the quality of our oocytes, and we are proud to offer three unique, Live Birth Guarantee Programs. With program(s) starting from $30,000, IEB offers the most competitive pricing for bringing home your baby.



Live Birth Guarantee Program – $30,000
Comprehensive Live Birth Guarantee – $45,000
Ultimate Live Birth Guarantee – $60,000

Need a surrogate?   International Egg Bank provides surrogacy service coordination for only $5,000 with our network of surrogacy providers. IEB will facilitate and coordinate all services regarding your surrogate and embryo transfer with the fertility center, to allow you to focus on your parenthood journey. Add this service to any of our Live Birth Programs.


We guarantee a LIVE birth, which includes:

  • Fresh or frozen oocytes (eggs) are provided until the achievement of a live birth, without limit
  • All oocytes (eggs) cohorts are obtained from properly screened and vetted donors, needed to achieve a live birth.
  • Donor are fully screened by ASRM and FDA requirements to include genetic testing and psychological evaluations
  • Donor stimulation, including all ultrasound and laboratory studies
  • Donor medications
  • Operating room and all other expenses related to egg donor retrieval
  • Donor compensation
  • Embryology, ICSI, and/or PICSI (as needed) and embryo transfer of up to two (2) embryos from the initial fresh cycle
  • Freezing and storing embryos from the initial oocytes (eggs) cohort for the calendar year
  • Embryo transfer (fresh or frozen) including preparation and monitoring of the recipient
  • An 80% Refund —  After three (3) egg donor cycles, with no less than four (4) oocytes per cycle, and all resulting transfer of frozen embryos, IEB may decide in its own discretion to stop providing program benefits to you.  If IEB elects to do so, a return of  80% of the original fee is provided. This is the only circumstance when a refund will be available.

Excluded Services (dependent upon program selection, other exclusions may apply)

  • Recipient medications and embryo transfer preparation
  • Any care provided to the recipient/carrier after conception
  • Laboratory or embryology procedures performed at outside centers, not contracted by IEB for the Program
  • Storage of any embryos (excess or otherwise) resulting from the oocyte cohorts beyond the first, and after the 1st calendar year the embryo(s) is frozen
  • Embyo biopsy or any other prenatal diagnostic testing

International Clients: Additional $5,000 per package

Call us to determine if you qualify and for more information:  888-261-5918